Center of Leadership and Development

American River College

August 2018 - January 2019

As a student ambassador, I ran the Achieve@ARC Program, which was to connect prospective underrepresented and disadvantaged high school students with the school services and resources to get prepared and supported to succeed in higher education at the college. As of now, the supported students have successfully made transitions to college or transfer to upper-division at universities. 

Also, I connect with clubs and organizations at the school community to listen and help them develop with budgets and facilities.


Associated Student Body

American River College

August 2018 - May 2019

My responsibility as a student senator was to listen to the feedback and needs of students and propose solutions to make positive changes to the college deans or presidents.

One of the biggest achievements that I and other student senators achieved was to build diaper changing and lactation stations for parents as college students, since they were having difficult time to access a humble number of such stations on campus. We investigated and determined the adequate number of stations, tracked school budgets and persuaded the presidents to make the change. As of now, almost every restroom of school buildings has such stations so that parents can practice parenthood while on campus.


Department of Equity Pathways and Programs

American River College

January 2019 - August 2019

As a student leader, I supported new students through the process of enrollment at the college, especially underrepresented students with collaboration of Achive@ARC Program. I also took the role of managing student document filing systems to improve office workflow efficiency. 

Through this leadership, I promoted recognition of students of minorities and disadvantages by encouraging the department to acquire strong support from professors when any of such students was in their class so that they could be guided to academic success within their classroom environment.


International Student Program

American River College

January 2019 - August 2019

As a peer mentor, I supported prospective, new and current international students in applications, academics and community integration by implementing monthly check-ins of academic progress, guiding them to utilize school services and organizing monthly support workshops or community events. 

For example, I held workshops about transfer applications and processes, F-1 regulations, tips for international students and also on-campus jobs. I also held community events such as Meet & Greet, Cafe & Game Night, and movie nights.  


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